Bangladesh wants to continue the inhuman extra judicial killings

EJK Report : Extra judicial killings, disappearances and the secret murders are going on in Bangladesh. Hasina government has taken in the line of extra judicial killings. They are continuing and upholding the impunity culture, which was started by BNP-Jammat during their tenure 2001-2006.
Another extra judicial killing has happend in Bangladesh. On 23 February, 2011 police killed a person in extra judicially at Alamdanga of Chuadanga. The killed identified as Azizul Haque (45). Though, the Chairman of the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) Professor Mizanur Rahman has told, “there has been a marked fall in extrajudicial killing in the country though it has not come to an end.”
According to Ain O Shalish Kendro (ASK),133 people fell victims to extrajudicial killings in 2010. BDNews24 says, In the first month of 2011 in Dhaka, two people were killed in ‘crossfire’ by police while five by elite force Rapid Action Battalion. There are allegations that innocent people were killed in the ‘shootouts’.
Prime minister Sheikh Hasina, early this month, said she was against extrajudicial killings and continuing her efforts to stop it. But home minister Shahara Khatun and her deputy Shamsul Hoque Tuku made statements apparently in favour of ‘crossfire’. Even foreign minister Dipou Moni said ‘crossfire is almost part of the system’. On Feb 9, NHRC chairman Mizanur Rahman said all extrajudicial killings should be investigated to bring the wrongdoers to justice. He had said there is a possibility that one can kill another in self-defence, but whether the killing was at all in self-defence or not should be decided by the court.
RAB also brutally tortured the university professors during the regime of army backed caretaker government. But the torturers are not bring for the trial. They are getting impunity, sometimes the torturer getting prize from the state. News source: the media’s of Bangladesh

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