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No one can stop extra judicial killings in Bangladesh

EJK Report: No one can stop extra judicial killings in Bangladesh. Limon Hossen is a college student. He was continuing his study by hard work at a brick field. But now he is disabled. He can’t walk. Though, he is in the bad of Hospital, police confined him as a ‘bona-fide criminal’. Actually, Limon is an innocent who has victimized by Rapid Action Battalion (RAB). After RAB shot a leg of his has been cutted. Who would be able to give justice to Limon Hossen, we don’t know?
Thousands people including Sumon, Tutul, Nirapod were killed by RAB and thousands including Pappu, Limon, journalist F M Masum were brutally tortured by RAB. But, RAB still doing inhuman activity. There is no right to life in Bangladesh. In spite of the Government didn’t banned RAB. Why? RAB should immediately abolished for human rights and for the rule of law.
To killing to torturing are their (RAB and the government) evils work. After every killing or torturing RAB and government says that, at the gunfight he or she has been killed or injured. There is no new. State and RAB also wanted to proved that the Euro Bangla Editor Jahangir Alam Akash is a ‘Yellow Journalist and Extortionist’. RAB also wanted to kill him. Because, he was disclosed their atrocities. He was protest against extra judicial killings in January of 2005.
Tikka Khan (35) is the latest victim of RAB. He was killed by RAB in Pabna on 26 April, 2011. How many blood, killings, torturing, game need of RAB and of the Government to stop this inhuman activity; we don’t know? People needs justice. Who will give it from Bangladesh? There is no justice. How could make justice by unjust system, government, society? RAB should be abolished or disbanded.


US worried at extrajudicial killing and judiciary politicisation in Bangladesh

The United States expressed serious concern over the failure to fully investigate extra-judicial killings by security forces, including several deaths in custody of alleged criminals detained by Rab. US also expressed serious concern over the custodial deaths, politicisation of the judiciary, discrimination against women, and violence against women and children. The concern was expressed in 2010 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices released by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Washington on 8 April, 2011.
The report said that security forces committed extrajudicial killings and were responsible for custodial deaths, torture, and arbitrary arrest and detention. ‘Some members of the security forces acted with impunity. Prison conditions at times were life-threatening, lengthy pre-trial detention continued to be a problem, and authorities infringed on citizens’ privacy rights,’ it said.

Although the constitution prohibits torture and cruel, inhuman, or degrading punishment, security forces including the Rapid Action Battalion and police frequently employed torture and severe physical and psychological abuse during arrests and interrogations, the report said. It said, ‘Abuse consisted of threats, beatings, and the use of electric shock.’

Quoting human rights organisations, it stated that security forces tortured at least 22 persons in 2010. The government rarely charges, convicts, or punishes those responsible and a climate of impunity allowed such abuses by RAB and the police to continue, the report observed.

It said the government limited freedom of speech and of the press, self-censorship continued, and security forces harassed journalists. The government curbed freedom of assembly, and politically motivated violence remained a problem, it said. ‘Official corruption and related impunity continued,’ the report mentioned.

It said that discrimination against women, and violence against women and children remained serious problems as did discrimination against persons with disabilities and against persons based on their sexual orientation. Trafficking in persons remained a serious problem.

Violence against religious and ethnic minorities still occurred although many government and civil society leaders stated that these acts often had political or economic motivations and could not be attributed only to religious belief or affiliation, said the report.

According to the report, limits on worker rights and child labour remained problems. The report said an increasingly politicised judiciary exacerbated problems in an already overwhelmed judicial system and constrained access to justice for members of opposition parties.

The law provides for an independent judiciary but in practice, a longstanding temporary provision of the constitution placed the executive in charge of the lower courts, judicial appointments, and compensation for judicial officials.

Despite ostensible separation of the judiciary from the executive, the report said that the political authority made judicial appointments to higher courts and allegedly influenced many judicial decisions on politically sensitive cases, including decisions regarding bail and detention for political opponents of the government in 2010.

On April 11, the Awami League government appointed 17 additional judges to the High Court triggering protests from the pro-opposition Supreme Court Bar Association leaders, the report mentioned.

On September 26, 2010, the government appointed Justice ABM Khairul Haque as the new chief justice, superseding two senior members of the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court, the report said adding that opposition leaders criticised the appointment, stating that Khairul was chosen because of his perceived loyalty to the ruling party.

According to a set timeline, Khairul Haque was scheduled to retire as chief justice in May and he would assume responsibility for heading a constitutionally mandated caretaker government that would be responsible for conducting the next round of parliamentary elections, the report mentioned.

About prison conditions, the report says that prison system conditions remained life-threatening at times due to overcrowding, inadequate facilities, and lack of proper sanitation.

Human rights observers stated that these conditions contributed to custodial deaths and unlike in the previous year, there were no accounts of security forces holding detainees in temporary or military detention facilities, the report said.

According to right organisation Odhikar, 46 persons died in prison and 109 died in the custody of police and other security forces in 2010, it mentioned.

It said that the existing prison population at year’s end was 69,650, or more than over 200 per cent of the official prison capacity of 29,240. Of the entire prison population, approximately one-third of the detainees had been convicted. The rest were either awaiting trial or detained for investigation.

Due to the severe backlog of cases, individuals awaiting trial often spent more time in jail than if they had been convicted and served a maximum sentence, the report said.

In most cases, prisoners slept in shifts because of the overcrowding and did not have adequate bathroom facilities, it stated.

In 2010, the government ordered the release of 1,000 prisoners to help ease overcrowding, the report said adding that some human rights groups expressed concern over the methods used to determine which prisoners qualified for the release. It stated that in general the government did not permit prison visits by independent human rights monitors, including the International Committee of the Red Cross. This news taken from the New Age

Hasina government wants to continue extra judicial killing

EJK Report: Another person has been killed extra judicially in Bangladesh. The killed as identified Shafiqul Islam. He is 42 years old. His father Chan Miah living at Daudkandi Upazilla under Comilla district. Bangladeshi elite force led by Army Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) has killed Shafiqul early in the morning this day (4 April, 2011) at Araihazar Upazilla of Narayangonj district in the name of so-called gunfight.
Private sources said, over 8,000 people have been killed extra judicially by RAB in Bangladesh since 2004. Hasina led present Grand Alliance government wants to contune extra judicial killings and torturing which was started BNP-Jammat alliance government.

One killed and two injured by RAB bullet

EJK Report: Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) has been killed another person in Bangladesh. The killed identified as Rashed. He is 25 years old. Rashed murdered on 31 March, 2011 by RAB near the Hi-Tech Hospital at Kafrul in the capital city Dhaka. Another two youths have been wounded by the RAB bullet in the same place. They are Rubel (18) and Sohel (20). Source: BDNews24

Risk of torture and extrajudicial execution

Amnesty International Urgent Action: A 20-year-old man, Manik, is at risk of torture and extrajudicial execution in Bangladesh after being arrested on 8 March 2011. He was showing his relatives the place where his elder brother was killed on 12 February 2011, allegedly by security forces. On 7 February, Manik and his 25-year-old brother, Shahid, were both taken into custody by plain clothes men in a special police force, Rapid Action Batallion (RAB) vehicle in Asholia, north of Dhaka, in central Bangladesh. Manik was released on the same day whereas Shahid was not. The family went to the police station to find out where he was, but the police denied that he had ever been in their custody. At about 5am on 12 February, local people heard gun shots in the Bhashantek area of Dhaka. They saw Shahid’s body being carried by the police and the, the RAB. Shahid’s mother, a domestic worker, rushed to Dhaka Medical College Hospital where she saw Shahid had already died from gun shots. The police claimed that Shahid was a top criminal and was killed in “gunfight” with the RAB. The family has rejected the police’s claim and say that Shahid was in police custody at the time that he was shot. The RAB warned the family to remain quiet about the incident. Because Manik is the only witness to his brother’s arrest, he is under a lot of pressure from the police. Manik’s second arrest, on 8 March, appears to be a ploy by the RAB to make the family comply with their demand. Manik is reported to have been beaten by the police at the time of his arrest on 8 March, but the details are not known.Manik is currently detained in Dhaka Central Jail but he is likely to be transferred to the custody of the RAB where he will be at risk of torture and possible extrajudicial execution.
PLEASE WRITE IMMEDIATELY in English or your own language:
Urging that Manik is not subjected to torture by the Rapid Action Battalion or other police personnel;
Urging that Manik is released immediately and unconditionally, unless he is charged with a recognizable criminal
Urging that Manik and members of his family are not intimidated by the Rapid Action Battalion to keep quiet about
the alleged extrajudicial execution of Shahid;
Urging that a thorough, independent and impartial investigation is carried out into the death of Shahid, and any
RAB or police personnel known to have committed extrajudicial execution, or other human rights violations against
him, are brought to justice.
On 7 February, when the two brothers were arrested, Manik, a taxi driver, was taking 500 taka (about £5) from their mother to give to Shahid who needed it. When Manik met Shahid in Asholia, north of Dhaka, and was about to give him the money, three men in plain clothes approached them. The two brothers tried to run away but the men stopped them. The men then forced them to enter a car. Manik saw a sign in the car which read “RAB-4”.
The two brothers were then blindfolded and were told not to speak to each other. After about 10 hours, the men took Shahid away, telling Manik that Shahid would be released. The men then took Manik to a nearby police station and asked the police to file a criminal case against him. They then changed their mind and took Manik to a derelict area and told him to step out of the car and not to remove his blindfold. He was there until some passers-by helped him get home.
On hearing Manik’s story, the family went to police station but police denied that Shahid was or had been in their custody. There was no news of Shahid’s whereabouts until 12 February when local people heard gun shots in Bhashantek area of Dhaka at about 5am. They saw Shahid’s body being carried by the police and the RAB. Shahid’s mother, a domestic worker, rushed to hospital where she saw Shahid had already died from gun shots.
The RAB is a security force formed in 2004 from members of the Army and Police, with the special task of fighting criminality and terrorism. Its actions have led to more than 600 people killed since its inception. In most cases, victims have died in the custody of the RAB, but police authorities have routinely reported that the victims were killed during “crossfire”, police “shootouts” or “gun-battles”.

Continue the state killing

EJK Report: The state killing is continue in Bangladesh. Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) has killed another person in the capital city Dhaka. The killed person has identified as Bhutto. He was killed by RAB at Zindabahar on 11 March, 2011.

Youth killed by RAB

EJK Report: Another person has been killed without justice. The elite force Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) killed this person on 8 March, 2011 in Keranigonj of Dhaka. The killed named as Tana. He is 30 years old. RAB is doing this killing job since it’s birth 2004.

Extra judicial killings and injuries

EJK Report: Extra judicial killings and injuries by the RAB are going on in Bangladesh. Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) is now doing extra judicial injuries. RAB also doing extra judicial killings. Two people have been seriously injured in Narayongonj. The injured persons are Rubel (20) and Nurul Islam Nayan (23). They were wounded by the bullet of RAB. RAB has killed another person in Pirojpur on 23 February, 2011. The killed identified as Motaleb (40).

Bangladesh wants to continue the inhuman extra judicial killings

EJK Report : Extra judicial killings, disappearances and the secret murders are going on in Bangladesh. Hasina government has taken in the line of extra judicial killings. They are continuing and upholding the impunity culture, which was started by BNP-Jammat during their tenure 2001-2006.
Another extra judicial killing has happend in Bangladesh. On 23 February, 2011 police killed a person in extra judicially at Alamdanga of Chuadanga. The killed identified as Azizul Haque (45). Though, the Chairman of the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) Professor Mizanur Rahman has told, “there has been a marked fall in extrajudicial killing in the country though it has not come to an end.”
According to Ain O Shalish Kendro (ASK),133 people fell victims to extrajudicial killings in 2010. BDNews24 says, In the first month of 2011 in Dhaka, two people were killed in ‘crossfire’ by police while five by elite force Rapid Action Battalion. There are allegations that innocent people were killed in the ‘shootouts’.
Prime minister Sheikh Hasina, early this month, said she was against extrajudicial killings and continuing her efforts to stop it. But home minister Shahara Khatun and her deputy Shamsul Hoque Tuku made statements apparently in favour of ‘crossfire’. Even foreign minister Dipou Moni said ‘crossfire is almost part of the system’. On Feb 9, NHRC chairman Mizanur Rahman said all extrajudicial killings should be investigated to bring the wrongdoers to justice. He had said there is a possibility that one can kill another in self-defence, but whether the killing was at all in self-defence or not should be decided by the court.
RAB also brutally tortured the university professors during the regime of army backed caretaker government. But the torturers are not bring for the trial. They are getting impunity, sometimes the torturer getting prize from the state. News source: the media’s of Bangladesh

Drama of Hasina government about extra-judicial Killing!

By Jahangir Alam Akash: “Government does not support an extra-judicial killing. This type of killing is being investigated.” This so-called statement is of home-minster Sahara Khatun’s last three governments have given such statement innumerous time. But there is no reflection of this. Nation will certainly witness, what will happen to these extra-judicial killings. Home Minster has told that investigation is running. But she never claims that justice will be done. During BNP government human killing was started in the name of extra-judicial killing. But when Awami-league goes into power they gave commitment to stop this. High-court is giving warning by terms to stop these. But nothing works. What is the reason behind this? Why government wants to continue these inhuman works? Various questions have risen.
BNP, Awami League and the last army backed caretaker government are doing fun in national and international level for this matter. Not only in international law but also in our constitution extra-judicial killing is strictly forbidden.
Home Minister Sahara khatun confesses, “it’s a commitment of the government to stop the extra-judicial killing.” But by breaking that oath around 380 extrajudicial kills have been committed during this government. In the name of anti-terrorism mission BNP-Jammat government started “Operation Clean heart” on 16 October 2002.

Then in 20004 they built a force Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) by name. This force has started killing people in the name of crossfire, gunfight, encounter etc. This continuance is still going on. Alike RAB the police force along with the others are conducting the extra-judicial killings.
According to the report of the non-government organization the number of the people killed in the sector of extra-judicial killing is around 2,000. An unauthentic source says that after the formation of RAB Only in the hand of them the number is around 8,000. Except this almost all secret killings, kidnapping, unnamed dead bodies all are the after-effects of RAB. Here the example of the kidnapping of the ward commissioner Chowdhury Alam can be given.

After committing secret killing RAB convinced the necessity of the killing indirectly to the people of the nation. But after these secret killing the terrorism, murder, rape, tender, acid terrorism has not been lessened. On the other side, sexual harassment or eve teasing has been increased in a large number. The number of killing people by the mass beating is also increasing. The people are becoming bound to take the judicial system in their hand because of the faithlessness on the law and order system. Not only this, but the complain of taking money forcefully after making them afraid of killing them in crossfire is also increasing. Freedom fighter Nirapod Boiragi, meritorious Dr. Mijanur Rahman Tutul, witness of the killing of the popular leader Ahsanullah master Sumon are worthy of mention. The journalists are also the victim of the torture of RAB. F.M.Masum of the Daily New Age and Jahangir Alam Akash, editor of the Euro Bangla are among them. RAB threatened Akash to kill as he made the report that they are violating the human rights. He, himself also want to stop this extra-judicial killings.
Prime Minster told it herself. “Without the lawful justice we will not tolerate any kinds of killings. If this is done by any member of the law enforcing agency then it is a crime undoubtedly. Proper steps will be taken regarding this.” Law Minister Barrister Shafiq Ahmed told this recently in a ceremony of inaugurating the book “POLICE SOMPORKE EKSHO EKTI PROSHNO EBONG TAR UTTOR (101 questions on the police and the answers).”

Dr. Kamal Hossain , a renowned lawyer and the maker of the constitution of Bangladesh presided over the ceremony. Ex Justice Awlad Ali, Ex IG of police A.S.M. Shahjahan and Nurul Huda, executive of a non-government organization Mohsin Ali Khan, Chief executive of NAGORIK UDDAYGA Jakir Hossain, adviser of the Commonwealth Human Rights Mission Debjani Srivastov, Dr. Uttam etc were present at that meeting. The speech the law minister has given is the same. There is no new word. The responsible people of the government like to speak like this. But in reality there is no authenticity in their speech. This is a bad luck for the people of the nation. We don’t want to hear anything. We want to see the activity of the law and order. Without the law and order after killing people no country can consider itself as a civilized nation.
There was also Dr. Mijanur Rahman Khan. He said that in a civilized country no extra-judicial killing is accepted. He summoned to find out who are the culprits to continue this crossfire after the declaration of the Prime Minister. We think that the speech of a responsible person will be related to reality. He said to find out the persons who are causing this crossfire? My question is doesn’t he or the governments know the people causing crossfire? The whole nation knows that the crossfire is done by RAB. Very often the police force is also joining with this inhuman mission. And when after the declaration of the Prime Minister this crossfire is not being stopped then the RAB is much more powerful than the Prime Minister. Without this why the order is not coming to reality? The government has appointed the chief executive of RAB Khondoker HAsan Mahmud as the Inspector General of police (IG) of the police. We think that if he is brought under the remand of the tortures victim then the answer of the question will come out. Then the government or the Human Rights Commission would not have to find out the people who are causing this crossfire.

There has not been a proper investigation of the killing of the RAB. The guilty persons are not being punished. RAB official Major Rashidul Hasan Rashid is the mastermind of a lot of extra-judicial killing and torture upon the journalists and the general people. He was appointed in the peace keeping mission force of the United Nation. Now he has got promotion as Lt. colonel of Bangladesh army. We want to see the similarity among the speeches and the activities of the government. There is no alternative of establishing human rights, proper practice of democracy and the rule of law. This extra-judicial killing should be stopped immediately. At first the change in the political culture is needed for lessening terrorism, corruption and the other problems. Without this the problem will increase gradually.
The people who pretend to sleep after waking up can’t be woken up. But the people who sleep can be woken up. The condition of the Bangladesh government is like those who sleep to pretend. So, this government can’t be woken up. But this government has to be woken up for the sake of the democracy and the interest of law. Extra-judicial killing is not the solution of lessening the terrorism. Rather it is possible to eradicate terrorism establishing the law and order in the society. We don’t understand why this thing is impossible to understand for the government. Hasina government has promoted the former executive chief of RAB Khondoker Hasan Mahmud as the IG of the police. The highest court of our country is giving punishment to the journalist after writing truth report in the newspaper. But they are doing nothing in the case of the extra judicial killings. The Bangladesh government does not believe in human rights, this government is a liar. The BNP-Jammat led government formed this RAB which caused the trouble for human rights. Hasina government thrones promising that they would eradicate this chapter. It is assumed that, there is another reason for which it is still remaining. This reason is the lack of the practice of the proper democracy. Specially the large two political parties who ascend on the throne by rotation. For a time the awami league government ascends then the other one. Though these two parties say a lot about democracy, they don’t practice democracy inside their party.
In Awami league the thing which is spoken by Sheikh Hasina is must abided to all the others. Moreover, in BNP that happens what Khaleda wants. For that reason they don’t take such steps which stop the torture of the law enforcing agencies. Or, they are not interested in making justice. Even, they don’t want to do justice of the killing effort of Khaleda- Hasina. Even they themselves don’t want to do justice. Though the effort has been discussed in the Parliament. We have said it earlier and still we are saying that it is not possible to eradicate terrorism through killing. There is no alternative without going ahead in the way of law to eradicate terrorism.